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Welcome to where the fusion of health, wellness, and exemplary service meet innovative marketing strategies. I am Bree Whitehead, a seasoned Marketing and Project Manager based in Austin, TX with a heart for hospitality and a knack for driving growth through thoughtful customer engagement and strategic planning. With years of experience in crafting compelling narratives, managing dynamic projects, and leading teams towards excellence, I am dedicated to enhancing the wellness industry’s landscape. Dive in to discover how my journey through marketing excellence and dedicated service can elevate your brand and mission.

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Working with Bree reduced my stress load tremendously.  After the initial consultation she presented me with a variety of options which literally ALL demonstrated that she had a firm grasp on my personal intent as well as the design expertise to translate that into a branding package beautifully.  She was able to provide quick turn, high quality results and made all adjustments in the concept phase with minimal input.  It was so nice to be able to speak my own “language” and know that I was working with someone capable of translating that into a marketable brand and web design.  Seamless!

Bree now handles all of our SEO and social media presence.  She was able to help me understand the importance of presence and cadence and it has paid dividends in terms of engagement and trust with our base.

I’ve worked with Bree on two projects and she is great at setting expectations and keeping things on track to produce a site that not only looks great, but draws the desired traffic. I look forward to my interactions with her. She’s warm, professional, reliable, and she understands the functional medicine world. Knowing I had Bree at the helm helped keep me on track with my part of our collaboration. It doesn’t seem like work when you enjoy creating such an important part of your business – the online presence.

Here is a list of things I can do for you

Team Leadership

Leveraging my extensive experience in leading large, diverse teams, I can guide employers in fostering a collaborative, high-performing workplace culture that thrives on mutual respect and clear communication. My approach combines strategic planning with empathetic leadership, empowering team members to achieve their full potential while driving organizational success and innovation in the health and wellness industry.

Project Management

I specialize in leading projects from concept to completion with precision and agility. Utilizing project management best practices, I orchestrate timelines, resources, and team efforts to ensure projects are delivered on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards, catering specifically to the dynamic needs of the health and wellness industry.

Strategic Planning

My approach to strategic planning combines in-depth industry insight with analytical rigor to develop forward-thinking strategies that drive growth and innovation. By identifying opportunities and challenges, setting clear objectives, and mapping out actionable plans, I help businesses in the health and wellness sector navigate the future with confidence and achieve sustainable success.

Web Design

Educate, inform and convert prospects to patients through strong design that builds trust in you.

Sales Funnel Automation

Attract, educate, and schedule all without ever lifting a finger. And when you get them, keep them.

Public Relations

See your name in bright lights all over the internet. Big media outlets are always looking for experts and content. Why shouldn’t that expert be you?

SEO Consulting

93 Million Americans have searched for something health related. Let them find you.

Social Media

Engage and connect to your potential patients where they are at with funny, smart, educational and uplifting content.

Email Marketing

Keep your current patients and potential patients engaged each month! Remind them about upcoming events, new content and offered discounts.

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